In a dusty and underprivileged South African Township, the feisty Ma Mapula battles bureaucracy and limited funds to ensure migrant undocumented children get access to formal education. 

Walking in my Shoes has been selected for a  festival in Sydney Australia.That means that this little film will have been screened at festivals on every continent on the planet!! Truly heartwarming that it has had such global impact.

Escape Town  Edgar Combrink has been released from Cape Town’s notorious Pollsmoor prison. With little or no rehabilitation, inmates inevitably return after release, it’s a revolving door of repeat offenders. This was Edgar's 6th time in prison. Edgar is returning is too the gang ridden Cape Flats, which has one of the highest murder rates in the world. To a family he has hardly ever seen. Now that his daughter is 12, he needs to resist the ever present pull of crime if he wants to see her make high school.

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